Monday, April 30, 2012

Find a Mentor

Once you have formed your team, see the Find a Mentor page and look through the comments to see the bios of those who are interested in mentoring a team through the course.

If you see a mentor you'd like to work with, leave your contact information as a response to their comment and if there is mutual interest, they will contact you. If you do get in touch with a mentor, I will tell you the same thing I tell my Stanford students, which is to arrange your schedule around that of your mentor's. Make it easy for them to meet with you and mentor you. They are busy people and want to give back, but you should make it as easy on them as possible. Please thank them for whatever time and advice they can offer.

Some of the mentors are ready to get started now. Others will join once the OAP projects have been submitted on May 19th and we will match the top 30 teams up with mentors to help for the final project presentation.

Thank you to the Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs group for your support!