Wednesday, April 11, 2012


You all are doing a terrific job thus far and we've been thrilled to see the teams that are coming together, the photos you're posting from meetups or video chats you all have held across the world, and the level of activity on the forums and social media. Thank you all for the encouraging comments and for working so hard thus far! Already it's clear many of you are learning important things about startup ideas, business models and team building.

For the warm-up exercise, it is one idea per person. You should coordinate among yourselves about who will submit which idea. If you are the only one in your team, you just submit one idea (either best or worst), which is no problem, we'll help you find a team later.

If you're using, you should login, take a look at the canvas, and start filling it out. If you are following on the blog only, submit in the comments on these posts "best" ideas and "worst ideas" by 4/14, 12pm noon PST (UTC -8, Pacific time).

The deadline is April 14th noon, PST. If you don't submit, you will receive significantly lower priority in the next team formation phase. Each person must submit something (that way we all can see who is active and who isn't), if you have 11 teammates and 11 ideas, everyone submits a different idea (balancing best and worst ideas) - the 11th person gets to submit the 11th idea. If you don't have 11 ideas,  the 11th person should just submit her own version of one of the existing ideas. If you have a smaller number of teammates and a correspondingly smaller number of ideas that's fine too as long as everyone who is active submits one. In this round, you are in no way penalized if your teammates are too busy to help. Your initial submission is an important indicator that you wish to work with an active team. Those who do not participate will be matched together.

After the submission you will get a chance to rate each other on performance during the initial assignment. 

The next week is going to have a higher work load with the next homework (where you work together with other active classmates to create a short pitch or "commercial" for another team's idea) and start the next phase of team formation where you will be able to search among profiles to build your final team. After that, we will be ready to really begin! For the rest of the time you can work on any idea that you'd like and you are not restricted at all to the ideas you upload in this assignment.

If for any reason your schedule does not allow you to participate, you should also use Edit Profile and check the box that excludes you from the matching process and the start up project. You can also unsubscribe from the mailing list here.