Sunday, April 15, 2012

Extension due to time format

I wanted to let you know how impressed we are that so many students participated and everyone has been very creative with this first homework.

However, some of the students did not get the time correct or misunderstood the time format, so we are giving you an additional 24 hours for those who missed it.

The final due date for the first assignment will be 4/16 at 6pm (18:00) Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8). We will not accept any after this time.

For the next assignment the students who were much more active than their teammates will be assigned to new teams after the new deadline and each team will create a short commercial turning one of the worst ideas from another team (we will assign you one randomly) into a good idea.

The project submission has the following format, each team can submit all or either of the following:

1. a couple of paragraphs

2. link to a 2-3 minute youtube video (tagged with "Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab 2012"

3. link to a presentation on

We highly encourage you to upload videos to YouTube as we'd love to see a lot of these.

This commercial will be due by 4/23 again at 6pm (18:00) PST (UTC-8).

Here are some videos to get you thinking about how to turn these "worst" ideas into something wonderful. Tina Seelig is a colleague who has recently written a new book on creativity called inGenius

You can also use some of the resources under the "Resources and Tools" page to practice creating a simple landing page and site for this "worst" idea that you are creating a commercial for...

While you are working on the commercial you can log in and create your final team for the rest of the class projects. These last two class projects will be due 5/19 (the OAP assignment) and 6/19 (the OEP assignment). More detail will be provided on the blog here:

You should log into soon and make the following designation very soon so we can introduce the search:

You have to choose:
1- don't want a team, don't want to participate in the main project
2- have a team, and the team is complete.
3- don't have a team, or open to add members to my team. 

If you choose the last one, you will be able to search on other students (Country, Aspiration, Industry Sector, Number of Hours, statement) and get in touch with some of them to form teammates. If you choose this option, other students will be able to search and contact you as well. You should also update your personal profile and give details about your project/what you are looking for, who should contact you and so on.

I recommend teams of size 3-4, but you could have a larger team if necessary.

As always, you can also just follow along here.