Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Opportunity Analysis Project Due 5/19

Great job with the commercials, I hope you're enjoying watching them as much as I have been. You all did a great job turning someone else's "worst" idea into something with potential. This experience will serve you well for the next project, the opportunity analysis project (OAP).

Please search for teammates form your final teams (3-4 people recommended) by May 1st and start brainstorming together on a startup idea to pursue for the rest of the class (OAP and OEP). 

You should then start:

  1. Testing your "value proposition" with potential customers by talking with them face to face, the more face to face interviews with users/customers the better. The people with a "technical" background on the team should focus on setting up and running these meetings.
  2. Estimating the market size in dollars (or your local currency) 
  3. Potentially doing a survey to gain more information about your target customers (see the Resources and Tools page for help). 
We will give you specific instructions later for how to blog your activity and create the website for your project, so don't start on that just yet.

The goal is to test your value proposition, to figure out if your users really have the problem/need you're hypothesizing and to create a very simple version of the website for it. 

The deliverable for OAP is a 2-5 minute presentation (again, video, slides, and/or text) covering what you learned from talking to potential customers, the market size and whether they would pursue this opportunity or change some aspect or the entire idea for the OEP final project. You can also change your idea along the way in response to feedback from customers - in fact this is exactly the process we want to see evidence of you doing.

The due date is May 19th, 6pm (18:00) PST/UTC-8.

UPDATE: Some people have asked how to switch to a different team after they have committed to one team. Eventually we should have this feature. One workaround in the meantime is to sign up again under a new email address and join a different team.

UPDATE: Scott Rakestraw put together a playlist of the YouTube video submissions for the last assignment:

Please go and view some of the videos and comment as well as "like" the ones you think are better so that we can see which ones are getting upvoted more.

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