Friday, April 13, 2012

Opportunity looking for a project team

A friend who is a serial entrepreneur and Stanford alum is looking for a project team...feel free to pass along. It's still in the concept phase, but there is a working prototype to spark ideas for what directions to take it in.

OOTU (Outline of the Universe) allows people to make money from information, expertise, opinions, or ideas by connecting them, using a simple-to-use interface, to the advertising power of search engines. In much the same way that online auction companies allowed individuals to make money from real objects, OOTU enables people to profit from what they know. When their contributions to OOTU’s outline formatted database lead to viewing activity (clicks), they share proportionately in the revenue generated by the site.

The first generation of the site is online (, The project will involve refinement of the customer and USERContributor targets, improvement of the user experience at the site, optimization of the connection between OOTU content and search engines, and evolving the strategy for rapid expansion of the outline. The company welcomes a project team conversation addressing all elements of the business.

The sole owner of the company is a Stanford PhD graduate who has started 5 companies in the last 24 years in the areas of biotechnology and material science. He recently transitioned to Chairman from President/CEO of a Silicon Valley nanotechnology company that created a new material for use in consumer electronic devices. Over the last 8 years, he raised $70 million from U.S. venture capitalists and large company strategic partners in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the Netherlands.

The founding project team should include 3 to 4 individuals and will be composed of interests, instincts and talents in the areas of search engine optimization, acquisition of internet mind share, and the creation of business focus starting from a platform idea. Those with creative ideas for business models, user interface or backend development are welcome.

Interested candidates please send your résumé to