Monday, April 16, 2012

Information on what's to come

A few topics to clarify:

Centralized information source:
  • This blog is the main, centralized information source, along with the forums. You will not miss anything if you follow along here, videos, etc. will all be posted here. Once a week or so, I will send an email, especially if there's something particularly important, but you should follow along here. As has been requested recently, I provided a link to sign up for updates here by email on the right.
  • All other sources, for instance the facebook group, Google+ page, or LinkedIn are for your benefit and have been requested by your peers to allow collaboration and communication between you all, but are not centralized information sources.
  • First assignment: Team of 8-10 you were matched with based on location
  • Second assignment (commercial): Teams matched on activity level - if your current team is active and has at least 5 active members, you work with them. If you current team (from the 1st assignment) has fewer than 5 active members, we will match you with additional teammates (after the 1st assignment deadline).
  • Main project (OAP and OEP): You will create your own team. You can use your existing team if you'd like or you can search profiles and add additional teammates (including those who are new). This functionality will be there soon.
*Note, doing it this way allowed us to determine activity levels, active teammates, and build some connections among those who signed up solo. It also enabled you all to learn more about one another. We recognize some came in with teams and are eager to work with those pre-determined teammates.

Due dates:
  • 4/16 (18:00 PST/UTC-8) - assignment 1 (brainstorm best/worst ideas - discuss in teams, submit individually)
  • 4/23 (18:00 PST/UTC-8) - assignment 2 (commercial - team submission)
  • 5/19 - Opportunity analysis project (team submission) - Your team will brainstorm an idea to work on for a startup project and test that idea with customers and market analysis. You will work on that idea (or you can switch to a new one throughout the remainder of the time.
  • 6/19 - Opportunity execution project (final team submission) - same teams and 2nd phase of the OAP, here you will be testing your solution and the rest of the business model
  • 6/23 - Personal business plan (individual)

After the 1st assignment deadline we will provide both new teammates (if you have too few active teammates) and we will provide the "worst" idea from another team for you to create your commercial. 

The timing is short on the deadline, but we think you can do it and we want to move on to the main project soon.

We will also roll out in the near future the ability to search profiles and designate or invite teammates for the main project.

The lecture videos are coming soon hopefully, please be patient with us on these. I think they will help to clarify things, but we're still working on getting them out.


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Also let your teammates know and you should also use Edit Profile and check the box that excludes you from the matching process and the start up project.

You can always follow along here individually or with your team and you won't miss out on any material. However, you will learn more working with teammates if possible.