Monday, November 1, 2010

Small Business Tip .... What Should You Really Look For In A New Employee (Aside From Technical Expertise)?

Here's a simple tip when looking to hire new people for your small business .... look for a match of the candidate skills with the company needs.

Small businesses have multiple-faceted challenges and they require multiple- faceted people. Even though candidates may be interviewing for a specific position job title, look for avenues where they can contribute in other ways.

If a candidate has experience in several areas the small enterprise can utilize, that makes him or her a valuable contributor and it is likely they will be professionally fulfilled and rewarded from doing so. It all comes down to the candidates having an element of control in the future success for both themselves and the company.

If the applicant's profession is in a narrow, technical discipline and his or her expectations are to have others support them in that role or they are more comfortable in a "Stove-piped" professional setting, I suggest you do not choose them as viable contenders.

Sounds simple .... but for small businesses it makes perfect sense.

If you have other suggestions on what to look for when hiring new people .... feel free to leave a reply. Your contribution will help other small business entrepreneurs.