Monday, November 22, 2010

Is There A Quicker And Easier Way To Do Small Business Expenses?

Software service solutions are tools. If the tool does not fit your business process or is extraneous to it then it becomes just as much a burden as not having the tool at all; it may even decrease your efficiency and increase your costs.

Most of small businesses evolve an integrated view of the expense reporting challenge. Someone in the accounting organization has to make the expense reporting become a reality in the general ledger and close the books to apply the data.

Getting the data from the individual that incurs the cost to the one who must process it and obtaining the necessary review and approval along the way are generally the process drivers.

Many small firms simply develop a template expense report in Excel or a similar spread sheet format that has built in formulas to easily total expenses by category required by accounting. The form sits on line and is reviewed and approved by the authority necessary in the company and then passed to the accounting process.

Box Net and free, controlled applications in a networked setting are software storage and access tools that work well for this type of process. But the process and the design of the process must come first. Your format and your situation are paramount in the design of what is stored and processed.

If you try try to pigeon hole your operation into software tool that does not fit your operation you will create more work than you save.

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