Sunday, November 28, 2010

Choosing Growth over Failure

Choosing Growth Over Failure

As solo business owners, we have so much on our plates.  During the first year or two it may be okay to do most of the tasks ourselves and sometimes even flying by the seat of our pants may work.  But if we are committed to growth and increased revenues we must be open for change. 

First, we must grow as individuals before our businesses can grow.  Learn from mentors, trainers and books. 

Second and this is the most challenging for some of us.  We have to let go of controlling all of the pieces our self.  One way to begin this process is to take the assessment offered in the book Strength Finders 2.0.  Once we have identified those strengths we should let go of the activities we are doing that do not fit into our strengths.  Now this is just the first step in letting go.

Third, we can catapult our success by becoming great at creating and putting systems in place in our businesses instead of doing things haphazardly.  This means looking at our foundation and ensuring it is solid.  Then examining our business and marketing plans to make sure we are consistent and persistent in our marketing activities. 

Certainly, business growth is optional and unfortunately many never survive beyond year two because they refuse to do things differently.  That fear of change keeps them stuck.  Remember if we continue to do things the same and expect different results, we will be disappointed.  Look for the opportunities for growth within you and your business..