Monday, November 29, 2010

Make Your Small Business Memorable with Customer Testimonials

Make Your Small Business Memorable with Customer Testimonials

By Dave Ramacitti

The one overriding goal of a small business’ marketing efforts, especially for a start-up, is to be noticed, is to be memorable in the eyes of customers or potential customers. You achieve being memorable by finding something your customers or potential customers can identify with, an image that you can own. Then you deliver that image --- your marketing message --- in a unique and memorable way, that is, in a way that is different from your competitors.

One way you can present your marketing message in a unique way is to use customer testimonials.

One of the great things about using testimonials is their flexibility --- they are be effective in TV or radio ads, print media ads, even brochures and fliers.

There is always something compelling about a real person delivering a real story about how a product has helped him or her in some way. A good example is the blues great B.B. King, who is a diabetic, demonstrating the value of the One Touch Ultra testing equipment --- no finger sticks to interfere with his guitar playing.

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