Monday, August 3, 2009

Resource For Small Business Purchase Or Lease Of Commercial Real Estate

For any small business owner considering buying any type of commercial real estate or leasing a location for their business, I suggest you look XSite Validation

XSite Validation ("XSite") has revolutionized the manner in which commercial real estate information is collected, compiled and analyzed. XSite’s technology is faster and more cost efficient then any team of analysts working for any financial institution, brokerage firm, or otherwise in the country ..... and is extremely cost-efficient to any small business owner or small business retailer.

In approximately 2 MINUTES, XSite provides the ability to aggregate critical information from over 20 of the industries most trusted and reliable data sources. Then evaluates 5,000 variables and produces a digestible, easy to read report (the “XRI Report”) in preparation of assessing XSite’s patent-pending objective scoring index (the “XRI Score™”). The report and score then determines the market viability of an identified property for a specified use.

The XSite Report is approximately 100-200 pages, complete with narrative, statistical, graphical and charting information. XSite’s technology dramatically reduces costs associated with data aggregation, compilation, research and analysis by up to 75% while creating a new profit center for some of its users.

XSite is a for small business that is not only relied on by the business itself ..... but inherently owners family and the families of their employees. XSite is a solution that is needed to stabilize, analyze and revitalize.

My perspective is that XSite has created that first "half-ounce of prevention" for the commercial real estate industry as a proactive measure to help safeguard against this current economic climate.

XSite especially tries to work within a "win-win" manner for non-for-profit associations whose members need this product ..... most likely to refinance as their loans are coming due. It is XSite's personal belief that you need to give back, not because of what you got, but because it is the right thing to do.