Friday, August 28, 2009

Small Business Inventory Control and Asset Tracking Resource

Inventory control & asset tracking can be among the most laborious and frustrating tasks you have as a small business owner. However ..... here's a software package designed to make all that stress disappear .... and enhance the efficiency of your small business tracking needs.

RVB Systems Group has developed a low-cost easy-to-use inventory and fixed asset tracking application named Track'Em. The STANDARD version ($895) comes with the portable and rugged Unitech HT630 PDT laser barcode scanner. The LITE version ($395) comes with the equally rugged Unitech MS210 USB corded CCD barcode scanner.

Unlike some asset / inventory tracking applications, Track'Em is ready to go right out of the box. It includes an ACCESS 2003 database, dozens of reports and data entry screens. A FREE RUNTIME VERSION of Access 2003 is provided along with Track'Em. Track'Em can be run on a stand-alone PC, or over a network on an unlimited number of workstations. Track'Em Standard comes with a portable barcode scanner that is pre-programmed to easily collect information regarding assets (i.e., non-consumable items with different numbers, like the serial numbers on PC's, documents, tools and equipment) and products / inventory (i.e., consumable items with the same number, like the barcode number on a case of copy paper).

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