Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Software As Service (SaaS) And Microsoft Office Support For Small Businesses

One way to help small businesses operate efficiently and compete with much larger entities is through the use of OnDemand software or Software as Service (SaaS).

In addition to keeping management focused on delivering value to their customers, SaaS solutions give small business access to world-class infrastructure with very high reliability, security and high availability simply by having access to the web.

In addition small business can avoid the need to build and manage internal IT staff.

Unanet, offers such as service for project management, timesheets, expense reporting and resource planning. Such SaaS allows small government contractors, for example, to access systems with built in business rules and automation to more easily comply with government regulations regarding DCAA compliance, Per Diem and travel regulations, and earned value.

Another software resource for small businesses is the Microsoft Outreach Team. Some of the issues they run across the most are with regard to collaboration tools, calendar syncing, and server solutions.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace and Small Business solutions work well to integrate Microsoft Office programs to make their sharing abilities even more efficient. For example- if you already use Outlook you can use Microsoft Live to sync your team’s calendars- so you can see members’ availability at a glance. Also, Microsoft Office Live enables you to share documents with your team and the collaboration tools make it easy to work together. There are many benefits to this service – another is the free website and email tolls. The entire service is free- and expands the capabilities of your existing Microsoft Office Suite software.

To stay up to date on Microsoft Office solutions, product information, receive customer support, hold discussions with your peers and receive special previews please join the Microsoft Office Discussion Group on LinkedIn. This is a great place to share your expertise and learn more about templates, online solutions and tips to make better use of your Microsoft products.

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