Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cap and Trade Bad News For Small Businesses

The misguided monster birthed by Representatives Henry Waxman and Edward Markey will not only hurt consumers ... but is really bad news for small businesses throughout the nation too. To her credit ... Democratic Representative Nydia Velazquez of New York and chairwoman of House Small Business Committee recognized this fact .... and expressed her reservations in a letter to Waxman and Markey.

A couple of her points include:

* Small businesses need rebates to ease the higher energy costs that may result from capping carbon dioxide emissions

* Some businesses “will not be able to insulate themselves from such rapid energy price increases and could experience serious economic disruption.”

Another Congresswoman ...Lynn Jenkins of Kansas ..... shared her views on cap and trade and the impact it would have on small businesses in this YouTube video: Cap and Trade .... Bad Idea .

Note that both of these individuals are Democrats. So you can't chide me for quoting partisan Republican politicians sources. Kudos to Reps. Velazquez and Jenkins.

Here's another source. Ben Lieberman, Senior Policy Analyst for Energy and Environment in the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

"It is clear that cap-and-trade is very expensive and amounts to nothing more than an energy tax in disguise. After all, when you sweep aside all the complexities of how cap and trade operates--and make no mistake, this is the most convoluted attempt at economic central planning this nation has ever attempted--the bottom line is that cap and trade works by raising the cost of energy high enough so that individuals and businesses are forced to use less of it. Inflicting economic pain is what this is all about. That is how the ever-tightening emissions targets will be met."

The unfortunate circumstance are that barring a shift in the earth's rotation (couldn't resist that one LOL), a sudden enlightenment to the truth of those on the Hill, or a major uprising of concerned American's, we are likely to get it stuck to us pretty bad.

It's just amazing. Today, during the worst economic downturn in living memory, with unemployment approaching double digits and the stock market plumbing new depths seemingly every day, this congress and this administration are about to add a new tax on energy in the name of global warming, a tax that will make it harder for businesses to survive as they have to make deeper cuts and raise prices on their already hurting customer base.

Sounds kind of omnious doesn't it. As if we don't have enough to worry about with the economy in the state it's in. What we don't need is another kick in the gut. Especially delivered by those who are supposed to represent our interests ... not "special" interests. Common sense this ain't.

For those who want to take direct action, contact your congressmen and senators. It might make a difference. Pray that it does. If not .... come 2010 vote them all out. We can definitely do much better. But we need folks who are there for US first.

Like Ricky said to Lucy; "You got some explaining to do"