Monday, August 24, 2009

Resource Guide And Planning Tool For Marketing Your Small Business

Small business owners juggle many tasks at the same time. One of the challenges is staying focused and consistent in their marketing efforts, especially once they have created some business for themselves. Many times their revenues fluctuate like peaks and valleys creating tremendous stress. A new online application has been developed to help small businesses stay consistent and focused in their marketing efforts.

Simple Marketing Pro walks the business owner through identifying their income goals and recording their monthly results so their can make strategic decisions. Next, they select the marketing strategies that they are comfortable performing and that brings them results. Once they select the strategies they will be prompted by email every time they have a task to complete. Simple Marketing Pro makes it easy for them to stay on top of their marketing activities without a lot of effort. The results are the small business owner takes consistent action and that action leads to constant revenues and a pipeline filled with prospects.

For more information go to: Small Business Marketing

By the way, they also offer weekly webinars to demonstrate Simple Marketing Pro.