Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Small Business Resource ..... Tools For Multi-Media Marketing

Every small business needs to reach their target market in the most cost effective manner ... especially in today's economy. One specific advertising method proven to bring significant results is multi-media marketing. Which until now was beyond the financial ability of most small businesses to use effectively.

However, that's no longer true.

PanRight Productions offers inexpensive audio and a/v marketing tools as well as podcast production, to help small businesses with limited budgets get more multimedia exposure on the web as well as radio, for internal training or presentations, for audio newsletters, and targeted promotions of products and services.

PanRight does this using voice overs integrated with strong marketing or training text, and providing a professionally finished pristine package, often as short as one minute in length, for an extremely modest price. It has been called a one-stop shop for professional narration, audio production, editing, engineering, and integration with music and/or images -- saving small businesses and non-profits the expense of hiring a expert in each of these areas.

Sample links have been included with dozens more available that demonstrate various solutions to different client needs:

Inside Scoop

Web Marketing Therapy is publishing a white paper in which PanRight Productions is included as a company who has successfully navigated the current economy because of the streamlined and state-of-the-art approach to a multitude of marketing and training needs.

Clients include large corporations (Barnes and Noble, McGraw-Hill, Pfizer, DeVry) and emerging authors and small businesses. PanRight has also been asked to be part of two marketing teams to augment the services they currently provide.

For more information go to: Panright Productions