Friday, July 31, 2009

How To Measure What Your Small Business Does ..... And Focus Your Efforts On What Makes You Most Efficient

Flynet is currently in the process of developing a dashboard portal to enable smaller businesses to take advantage of the advances in business intelligence and dashboarding.

A Dashboard is a visual display that can be linked to your existing Computer Software, such as Excel, Sage and many others that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read. Measurements are displayed automatically in the form of analogue gauges, dials, traffic lights or visual graphs on a web page. This means measurements can be easily taken and presented ‘live’ or on an hourly, daily, weekly monthly basis.

Benefits of a Dashboard to your business .....

Focus: Defining the metrics that are most important to your business allows you to tune out everything that isn’t related to those key measurements. As a result, you’ll find that focus on the areas that make you most efficient.

More Insight: Companies that monitor and visualize key metrics can spot threats and opportunities faster than companies that don’t.

Your metrics will give you keen insights into what’s happening within the four walls of your business as well as the ability to compare your business with overall trends in your industry. Dashboards provide a framework for making business decisions. With the numbers made visual, you can make well-reasoned decisions on how to proceed.

Currently they are in the proof of concept stage and are looking for small businesses to take part in the trial stages in developing the most important key performance indicators/ performance metrics per industry sector.

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