Friday, December 11, 2009

Will Small Business Lead The United States Out Of This Recession?

Non-profit visionaries and small business know the course that must be taken and they are taking it.

These "Action People" are not in our government. They are more practical than that. They are the communicators, the true venture capitalists setting up worldwide non-profit foundations (Gates and Buffet for example). They are like the Bill Moyers, perpetually exposing waste fraud and abuse and then going one step further to fix it from the inside. They are the young inspirational members of the small business base in this country that will be tasked with picking up the pieces and re-inventing the future so our government can follow along.

We'll see every form of unique small business inventiveness imaginable - efficiently created, using technology to the max, and not seeking financing to the hilt - only the opportunity to succeed.

Small business has been the historical driver in recovery from recessions. This recession should be no different ..... except the support normally afforded these small business endeavors by the financial industry is lacking.

Existing small businesses with opportunities to expand are hampered in their efforts to grow .... and business startups, while still there are starting with little or no cash dramatically increasing their chances of failing.

I am not an economic expert, but it seems that while lip service is given to support small business by the government and financial sector .... the available credit is going to finance the government itself and those industries chosen by elected officials.

I do worry that these efforts by our Federal government (sic Obama Administration) will slow down if not totally negate any growth we could realize from the small business sector.

In order to return us to economic stability, the US will have to create 250k jobs PER MONTH for the next FIVE YEARS. There is no way that large corporations are willing to create that many American jobs. We're going to need small business.

The strength of the American economy has always been thriving small businesses - not mammoth multinational corporations or "too big to fail" banks. I think the choice is obvious...

Small business and entrepreneurial spirit is the true reflection of authentic American ideals. Those who think all business and capitalism is bad should live accordingly. Go live alone somewhere in the wilderness and attempt to survive strictly off the land for just a week...

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are key...and to do that government needs to get out of the way.

For government to get out of the way we need the conservative revolution to kick the Dem's out of control ..... and kick the Republican party bosses out so we can get back to the values of small government and personal responsibility.

The problem, folks, is job loss. The solution is "real" private sector job creation; not more government service jobs -- which are at best a short-term fix and a long-term liability.

Small business will lead us out of this recession. Small businesses have the speed and flexibility to react and adapt to changing markets and economic conditions ..... and will find a way to succeed.

The little guy with everything to lose does not have government lobbyists, or get bailout money. Instead they survive or fail in the market as it is this month, this quarter, this year. This makes small business much more motiviated to find a way to succeed.

In contrast, big business lumbers through a recession and hopes to weather the storm because they cannot react or change quickly enough. Instead, they complain in the media and get their bailout money to finance "business as usual." This lack of adaptability also killed the dinosaurs.

So our best hope for a sustained recovery ..... comes from small business and entrepreneurs.