Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How Small Business Can Benefit By Going Bilingual

Because of the increasing cultural diversity in America today, learning Spanish will give you the edge to successfully reach the Hispanic Market.

Currently 11.5 % of the US population speak Spanish at home. By 2050 the number of Spanish speakers is expected to increase to 530 million with the Spanish speaking population of the US alone currently increasing at more than 1 million per year.

Companies should realize the importance or reaching this fast growing Hispanic market. If your business has bilingual employees, the Spanish speaking community won't hesitate to do business with you. You will be able to service their needs without making them feel out of place.

In the private sector, Spanish speakers in an organization have a distinct competitive advantage in the work place. Our Hispanic population continues to grow with no intention to abandon their beloved language. A need for Spanish speakers in the private workplace is a fact.

In the public sector (government and education, for example), Spanish-speaking employees are especially valued. Spanish speakers who handle customer service with a large Hispanic client population can be the difference between a good first impression of the organization and a negative experience.

Having employees learn Spanish can be a great benefit to your business. If you own a business, consider going bilingual and you won't be sorry you did.