Friday, December 4, 2009

Much Better Than Business Blogging .... SBI 2.0

Lets get into how you can use C2's (Content 2.0 or SBI 2.0) unique benefits to create an online business presence that will simply conquer your competition .... with cold facts and the warmth of possibility.

You'll see that NONE of these points can even remotely be considered "blog-like"...

1) SBI! 2.0 is MANY-TO-MANY.

Your visitors do 99% of the work. All you do is review, edit, even optimize. Blogging is ONE-TO-MANY, where you still do all the content-writing.

Blogging is hard work, oft-described as a "monkey on your back." It's fine for a small percentage of users. The rest use it because "everyone else does."

Now, with SBI 2.0, the SBI edge is greater than ever... assuming your goal is to build a profitable e-business.

2) Content 2.0 (C2) Synergizes RSS/Blog It

(Content 2.0 is the new module that converts SBI into SBI 2.0. We tend to use the two terms interchangeably.)

As C2 pages are contributed to the content base, Blog It automatically adds these new pages to the site's RSS feed, pinging every major feed directory.

Subscribers visit. They read and comment. They don't just come to a blog and read YOUR most recent blurb and leave. They explore a full site, not a journal.

Others will then spread this content across sites like Twitter and Facebook, bringing new traffic back to the original SBI site.

Think of C2 as a super content syndicator!

3) SBI 2.0 Lengthens Your Long Tail

50% of any site's search engine traffic is made up of unique keywords. Meaning, only one visitor reached the site by one unique (often obscure) keyword phrase. This is the EXTREME end of Long Tail Traffic. If you include searches that find you a few more times, the majority of traffic is long tail. But it's work to create that much content.

Because C2 explodes the content base, the amount of Long Tail traffic keeps increasing. Diversity of content comes from MANY contributors, not one (you). And diversity means long tail traffic.

For a full explanation of the Long Tail, check out this ....

Long Tail

4) SBI 2.0 Builds Up Under-Utilized Areas Of Your Site

Because SBIers can choose which pages to include C2, they can decide to build traffic and interest only in certain areas of their site. In those areas where they don't want or need visitor contributions, or for those articles where it does not make sense, don't use it.

5) SBI 2.0 Keeps Your Site Active And Vital With REAL Content

Because your visitors churn out lots of free content, your site is frequently updated, even when you're too busy. So each SBI site remains active. The best part is, it does so without any involvement from SBIers.

And with that kind of inertia, visitors can't help but come back again and again. Ditto for the engines.

Ditto for your income.

SBI 2.0 is like an automatic traffic machine!

6) SBI 2.0 Is So Much Cheaper Than Blogging.

So why DO so many people choose to blog?

Because blogging software is free.

But hosting costs $100. And that means you get everything else in SBI, all of which is about building a BUSINESS, not a site or blog, for only $199. And that includes Content 2.0, which enables your visitors to build REAL content, not just comment on what you've written.

Review everything that is in SBI 2.0 .....

SBI Tools

You just can't get all that for $199. Not anywhere.

Blogging marketers tell you that all you need is cheap hosting and free blogging software. But over the following months and years, they'll sell you tools "to make it easier or more effective" that cost you thousands of dollars more.

Meanwhile, for $199 more, SBI provides the invaluable...

A brainstormer that helps you find a niche that is right for YOU, a SMART brainstormer like Brainstorm It, is worth hundreds of dollars. The Google Keyword tool is useful, but it's not made for PUBLISHERS. It's not made to help you make YOUR decisions. You can't buy SBI's features anywhere.

SBI's automated site-blogging combines all the power of a theme-based content site with RSS distribution. You get the best of both worlds, the worst of neither.

The constant updating of information. We delete out-of-date info, update only with what's important. YOU save time and energy, which you can put into your BUSINESS.

Form Build It, E-zines, Sequential Autoresponders, Socialize It... the list goes on and on.

From small things like Link Fix It that makes sure you never have a broken link to big things like the very best small business forums in the world, where you can get all the help you need...

There is simply nothing like SBI 2.0, not at any price.

And that is why...

If you're serious about an online presence .... you need to get started before your competition does:

SBI 2.0