Monday, December 14, 2009

Live Sales Support For Any Small Business

At they provide a live sales support service for small to mid sized businesses.

Here is a brief description of their service .....

Live WebGreeter present on your website will provide immediate personal attention for your customers.

* Visitors no longer have to wait for email responses.

* Compare this with your competitor’s website who responds to emails generated on their website in 24
to 48 hours. Webgreeter on the other hand does it instantaneously. A dedicated team of Trained and Qualified Greeters who can handle multiple chats at a time; proactively greeting your visitors and offering assistance of any kind.

* Compare this to a phone support person, who can only take one call at a time. Their Automated Notification System will alert you of a problem or lead as soon as one is received or generated which means you can react instantly.

* No forwarding is required.

* The right person receives relevant information at the right time.

* Fully customizable chat integration: Personalized chat window and push buttons especially customized to integrate with your website and your brand Scheme. They become an integral part of your website and are viewed
as your own business unit.