Monday, December 21, 2009

The Best Way To Build Your Own Small Business Website

Times are tough all over. Unemployment is sky-high. People are either losing jobs or afraid of losing them. So many are forced to work harder for the same paycheck. Or in the case of potential retirees, LONGER than they ever wanted to.

For those wanting to start a small business ... either from home or a commercial property ... you already know (or should) that a quality website must be part of your overall marketing strategy.

It's a fact that maybe the most cost effective "bang for the buck" in your marketing arsenal is a website. I won't get into all the specifics here (peruse the archives for more detailed articles) .... just know that your branding, market reach, and communication to/with customers and prospective customers will all benefit immensely.

To that end here's a suggestion ... take advantage of the business website development tools from SBI. Their "do-it yourself" package walks you through step by step (with live support available anytime you need it) to constructing a high quality website specificly designed to bring you interested ready to buy customers ... and keep them coming back. Your website won't just look good .... it will be a favorite of the search engines AND improve your sales conversion rate (sales ... that's why you're in business right?!).

To make it even easier .... if you've long wanted SBI! but just didn't have $299, your wait is over. During these tough times, they are introducing a time-limited monthly payment option... only $29.99 per month. Even more cost effective with the same "over deliver" approach to getting you up and running on the internet.

Here's a news flash too ... SBI has a Holiday Season Buy-1-Get-1-FREE special running. You can set up 2 business sites for the price of one. Target a specific niche market, special product line, unique service, whatever you wish. Get twice as much business .... at no extra cost.

For more information and to get started check this out ..... Build a Small Business Website

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