Friday, December 25, 2009

Weekly "Open House" Presentations For Training On How To Build A Custom Small Business Website

SBI's eLearning is made for the large and growing market of people who want to learn how to start a business online in live course format -- those who get the most out of learning when they are in a classroom setting, with all the advantages of a weekly SCHEDULE, one-on-one instruction and help, the social interaction of a group (they tend to keep in touch), and so forth.

Now, to help you see what eLearning is all about, SBI is offering a free, short, 30-minute, live webinar at .......

Learn To Build A Custom Business Website

..You can now be part of a live, group presentation.

These live "open house" webinars are offered twice a week and at times that suit a large number of time zones. The focus is to help you understand how you can build a successful online business.

You can ......

1) read, learn enough, and decide if eLearning is for you

2) ask some 1-on-1 questions at ..... Website Questions

- and now -

3) attend a 30 minute Webinar

Different people acquire information in different ways. By giving you access to a live Instructor and classmates on a regular basis, SBI! eLearning opens up the rewards of online business success to literally EVERYONE! The SBI eLearning value is insane compared to other online ebiz "courses" which provide no tools, only information and cost thousands.

The free, short, 30-minute, live presentation will help you get familiar with the SBI! eLearning classroom setting and curriculum .... while ultimately helping YOU open up a whole new world of income opportunities from owning your own business website.

the SBI online business-building course is based on a SiteSell Education program that is taught in over 30 colleges and universities all over the world (now approaching 40) ....... Universities

This is the perfect example of "Show And Tell".

Not only will you review what will be covered in each lesson ... but the SiteSell Education Team is on hand to answer your questions live!

You'll be motivated to learn by...

* Interaction with classmates and an Instructor who gives suggestions on Site Concepts for YOUR specific business website .

* Watching your business Web site and those of classmates evolve in just 12 weeks.

* Meeting deadlines for assignments and lessons that help your progress

* Asking questions and getting immediate feedback

* Learning bit by bit over a few months and not feeling like everything needs to be done all at once

The fact is...

There are as many reasons to enroll in SBI! eLearning as there are people who are interested in attending!

We're all a little different...but we all want SUCCESS!

Ask yourself what success looks like to YOUR business ..... and how eLearning can help you build a business to help you be successful...

Bottom line?...

You'll LEARN how to EARN .... and put that learning directly into practice!