Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Information Should Be On the Homepage Of Your Small Business Website?

You most definitely have to incorporate a Call-To-Action in a position of prominence …. easy to see and that catches attention. Your website is not just another brochure you hand out. A website, if built and designed correctly, can act as a powerful sales tool.

Creating a Call-To-Action is definitely important. Some of the most popular Call-To-Actions are ….

• Phone Number

• Live Chat

• Sign up for Emails

• Request a Quote

• Create an Account

• Purchase your Product via Shopping Cart

Adding value or an incentive to your Call-To-Action will help to increase the conversions. For example, instead of just "Sign up for our eNews", you could say, "Sign up to receive tips that could save you money".

The ideal positioning of your Call-To-Action should be at the top of the page and definitely above the fold.

Another thing to consider in your homepage design is answering the question, "What do you do?" If your site visitor doesn't know the answer to that question, they will leave - regardless of how interesting your viral marketing campaign was. You've captured their interest in the campaign, now capture their information (Call-To-Action), and keep them interested by simply stating what it is your company offers and how you can help them.

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