Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Business Outsourcing Guide

Outsourcing is not just for big businesses. Small and medium-sized companies can also reap the benefits of outsourcing. For a company that is just starting to grow, or for businesses that would like to enhance their services without going over budget, then outsourcing is one option that can be looked into. So, what would the benefits of outsourcing be?

More time to focus on key tasks/aspects of your company. Tasks such as data entry, research, customer relationship management, as well as areas in finance and recruitment, can all be outsourced now. By outsourcing some tasks, you get to focus on making your business work.

Higher return on investment. As we all know, outsourcing some tasks to another country, equates to a lesser cost, sometimes even less than half of what it would cost if you opted to hire in-house. You could potentially get twice the work done, allowing you to grow your business.

Faster turnaround time for services. While you are at home sleeping, your outsourced team could already be going through your day’s work, so that when you wake up, all the work has been done.

Increased customer satisfaction. With faster turnaround time, and better services, you’d be able to ensure that you keep your customers happy. And everyone knows happy customers make loyal customers.

Better leverage against competitors. Competition is still tough and by outsourcing, you can leave some time off to brainstorm for new ideas for your business, you can focus on gaining new clients, and you can keep that lead against your competitors.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to outsourcing, which is why outsourcing may not be just for anybody. For outsourcing to work, there must be constant and effective communication between you and your team, as well as cooperation. Some hurdles to outsourcing would be:

Security concerns. Number one for most companies, they must be able to trust their outsourcing provider, or else opt to do the work in-house.

Language barriers. Outsourcing to other countries can bring up communication concerns, whether it’s for customer services (call centers) or just correspondence with you. This is especially worrisome in outsourcing to countries where English is only a second or even third language.

Issues with control. As it is your business, of course, you would still require to have at least a modicum of control with your business, which is why some find it tough not to be involved in each and every company project.

Bad reputation. The very term outsourcing has certainly gotten a bad reputation and may rub off on your reputation as well.

As an outsourcing company with sites in the US, UK and the Philippines ..... Infinit Outsourcing would like small and medium companies to reap the benefits above, without the disadvantages, or at least minimize them. Being one of only a few ISO certified outsourcing companies for Information Security Management System and Quality Management System in the region, they take pride in ensuring that your data will not be compromised. Also as their outsourcing site is in the Philippines, language barriers are minimized as English is recognized as one of the official languages with almost all of the Filipino population speaking it.

As an outsourcing partner, Infinit-O makes sure that there are always clear lines of communications between them and you. As your virtual team, they help by listening to your needs and delivering the results while keeping as much of the control with you. They also value your image, and keep all contracts confidential according to your wishes.

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