Thursday, September 30, 2010

Web Based Advertising Management

BluHorn Solutions software gives any small business in-house marketing department access to highly effective and streamlined online media buying tools. BluHorn Solutions delivers an easy training platform, simplifies advertising buying campaigns, makes reports more practical and manageable, eliminates overwhelming worksheets, and has rapid response to technical service issues. All station orders and insertion orders can be emailed and printed with one click.

Media planning tools for businesses include broadcast and cable TV advertising, radio advertising as well as print advertising and outdoor placement. The software also includes extensive analysis tools which help the business determine cost efficiencies and see where their audience is and what it’s costing to reach them. Providing these excellent negotiating tools is an extreme benefit.

BluHorn Solutions was designed to be entirely web-based advertising management software. With a computer and an internet connection it is possible to work, store and retrieve data from anywhere through a secure network. There is no software to download and no hosting fees. The price point for BluHorn Solutions is highly affordable and does not require extensive contracts. Business owners will be using the software within minutes - it’s just that simple.

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