Friday, May 23, 2008

Cambridge, UK


I arrived in London on Weds. and met up with a couple of friends there then took the train to Cambridge in the afternoon. I gave my presentation at the conference today which went fine I think. I didn't practice so I rambled a little, but it was ok.

Yesterday, after a full day of conference presentations on Open Innovation, we had a glass of champagne and dinner at St. Catherine's college (one of the many colleges in the University of Cambridge system here). Then Ethan, Sung Joo and I went out in search of thai food and wandered around the city. Eventually we gave up on the thai restaurant and found our way to the Eagle Pub which was where Watson and Crick had a pint after discovering DNA. We didn't make any discoveries but it didn't stop us from having a pint there too.

This afternoon we went "punting on the Cam" which means going for a little boat ride along the Cam river. It was very nice and beautiful weather. Tomorrow Sung Joo and I will go to London together and visit the British museum.
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