Saturday, May 31, 2008


IMG_0185, originally uploaded by eesley.

I bought this brie sandwich and apple and sat in the park next to the Tour Eiffel yesterday for lunch. The girl behind the counter made fun of the way I said "Brie" when ordering the sandwich. She laughed and repeated "Breeeeeee" in a slightly twangy American accent which sounded like a caricature. I still don't know how to pronounce the word in the French way . . . ah well!

In the afternoon I mostly read and worked on my dissertation. I headed to the Musee Louvre around 6pm on Friday and walked around almost all of the museum. I guess I either walk too fast or don't spend enough time looking at the art. Either way by 8:45pm I had seen all the highlights including Aphrodite and Mona Lisa as well as walking through every major branch.

I took the metro to meet Claire and her friends for the party they were having. They told me it was a typical "Parisian" apartment and party. The apartment was in the center of this kind of courtyard type thing several floors up, full of plants and lots of candles under the night sky. The food was incredible, pies, pizzas, cheeses, fruits and people were gracious to speak English with me until late in the night. At about 2:30am we caught a cab back home and I fell asleep easily once in the apartment, having drank my fair share of red wine throughout the night.