Thursday, May 24, 2012

Session 8

Having just finished the OAP project, many teams will be even more excited about pursuing their ideas, having received positive feedback from customers and realizing there is a large market potential out there.

Other teams will have received less than positive feedback from customers and will have realized that their initial idea is not feasible.

For the latter teams, you can change to a new idea for the OEP project if you would like. Ideally, you would choose a related idea rather than a completely new one so that you can leverage some of the learning generated from your OAP activities.

For the former teams, I encourage you to not get too carried away with optimism for your startup. There will be ups and downs and you need to remain somewhat self-critical and open-minded as you begin to test the other parts of your business.

We are now beginning the first of a few sessions on fundraising and venture capital. My friend Henry Wong, a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist with Garage Ventures agreed to get us started by telling us how he thinks about the pitch from entrepreneurs. Henry is a frequent mentor and guest speaker in my class at Stanford and I appreciate his help!

Session 8

Intro to venture finance

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    • Acid Test for Entrepreneurs by Henry Wong
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