Friday, May 18, 2012

Session 7 videos

First time here? 
  1. See the class description and frequently asked questions
  2. The course operates according to the flipped class, where team-based, experiential education (learning by doing) is central and video lectures and readings are there for support.
  3. If you'd like, form a team and follow along at, like us on facebook and join the group, or follow the Google+ page.
  4. Start with the intro and course overview videos.
  5. See what some of the teams did for the last assignment and the description of the next assignment.
  6. View the videos for Sessions 1-3 to catch up here.
  7. View the videos for Session 4 here.

Session 6

OAP Presentations

  • Upload to YouTube with "technology entrepreneurship venture lab 2012" as a tag and/or by 5/20

Opportunity Execution Project (OEP)


Session 7

Partnerships and Negotiations