Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Is A REAL Entrepreneur?

According to my own experience (and the experience of many others) 80% of all business owners and CEOs are NOT entrepreneurs.

15% (of the remaining 20%) are what I call "lame duck" entrepreneurs. These "lame ducks" are usually fairly successful and sometimes even very successful in their business (as measured by their industry's standards).

Only 5% of all business owners and CEOs are REAL entrepreneurs.

However, real entrepreneurs can also be temporarily broke (even after years of great success). So, just looking at the current state of a business doesn't necessarily tell if the business owner/CEO is a REAL entrepreneur or not.

What are, in your opinion, the traits of a REAL entrepreneur?

What is a REAL entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs will risk almost, if not everything they have on an idea that they are passionate about.

They are passionate about what they do and cut out any naysayers or negativity and not let it stop them.

They will work around the clock on something they believe in and not even think they are working:)

It's not about the money and more about the sense of achievement.

They are constantly thinking of new ideas and also ideas to improve their existing business or project.

They love networking with other likeminded entrepreneurs because they know that networking is a HUGE key to their success.

They have charisma and can persuade most people to go their way on things.

They feel that literally NOTHING is impossible...

There are too many traits to name but these are just a few.....