Thursday, December 29, 2011

Frustrations Of The Female Entrepreneur

The hard thing about any entrepreneur can be the ability to get your ideas heard and then be taken seriously. My advice would be don't give up - keep going and if you truly believe in your service and product and have an ability to try out innovative ways of promoting them GO FOR IT!

For a female entrepreneur who balances a work and family life there can be the issues of making time for each sector of your life whilst remembering to take some time out for yourself. Its not the easiest juggling act in the world but use your planning skills to prioritise.

There is no space for sexism these days, in any shape or form and this question more than alludes to it. I have hundreds of female clients, all entrepreneurial and most of them are more switched on than their male counterparts but all experiencing the same commercial frustrations.

So, is there really a difference between males and females concerning the frustrations of an entrepreneur?

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