Friday, December 2, 2011

Nielson Survey says 63% Check Consumer Ratings before going any farther in the buy or contact you process – Do you know how your business stacks up in this process?

Why incorporating proactive online reviews / reputation monitoring & management into your online sales and marketing initiatives is no longer something to be ignored.

The stats show that target audiences, consumers and potential clients not only think about looking at online reputation and reviews, they use it widely in their buying-contacting decision making process

Don't take my word for it!

Look at these global stats revealed in an independent study done by NM Incite, a Neilsen McKinsey Company, the top survey company in the world

* Check Consumer ratings - 63% do before going any farther in the buy or contact process

* Consumer Reviews - 62% check them before they go any farther in the buy or contact process

* Company Facebook - 15% check it before they decide to buy or contact.

And why do folks post online reviews and comments?

The same study shows:
* 58% do so to protect others !

These stats show that ignoring proactive monitoring, management, protection, promotion and repair of the online reviews / reputation side of your online presence equation is no longer a safe option for any size business.

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