Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Is AccuConference?

AccuConference offers a broad array of tools to meet business needs, from audio conferencing to web and video.

What You Should Know About AccuConference

AccuConference hosts all of their services in house, from sales to technical support, as well as the conferencing products used on a daily basis.

AccuConference has been featured in Forbes Magazine as well as Businessweek and was the 2008 winner of the Telecom Association Member’s Choice for Overall Excellence in Conferencing.

AccuConference product features:

* Multiple Access Codes - Create customized moderator, speaker and participant codes for your conference.

* Multiple Conferences - Setup multiple "rooms" to host different conferences simultaneously and stay organized.

* Call Security/PIN options - Create custom pin codes to increase security and track caller ID's.

* Event Planning - We'll schedule your conference, create custom registration pages, and send email reminders.

* Recording - Digital recording with immediate download, including auto-record options.

* Live call screen - View callers and access moderator controls via the Internet.

* Pre-Conference/ Green Room - Review last-minute details in a private "green room" before starting your conference.

* Lecture Mode - This feature allows you to mute all participants on your call.

* Q & A Controls - Moderate a Question & Answer session when participants "raise their hand."

* Web Conferencing - Share PowerPoint, host a poll and text-chat with participants.

* Blast Dial / Web Out-dial - Invite callers from all over the world to join your call live.

To take advantage of all that AccuConfernce has to offer your business ... simply request more information here:

Audio, Web, and Video Conferencing