Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Secret To Time Management

You can do 3 types of tasks:

Tasks you are bad at, good at, and love to do.

It's about task management, not time management.

We all know how well we do with tasks we do not like to do. Terrible! Nobody wants to do things they hate to do on the weekend, but we do it in business and think it's all going to work out fine. That's crazy!

But, what's the difference between things we are good at versus things we love to do?

The more we do things we are good at, the more we are drained of our energy.

The more we do things we love to do, the more we are rejuvenated. That's when we are at our peak energy level.

So, time management is really about task management and being at your highest energy level most of the time. Think about how much you get done and how excited and rejuvenated you are when you are doing something you really love to do. That's the secret!