Monday, August 8, 2011

Insurance For A Start-Up Small Business

A good way to compare small business insurances it to compare their online "quotes". A couple of good websites to compare those are listed below.

Make a "risk assessment" of your business before buying an insurance policy. Appoint a business advisor to get complete risk assessment done.

Inquire from local agents or go online to find out which companies provide business insurance.

Request quotes based on actual cost values of your assets. Valuation done for the sole purposes of lowering insurance premium is not a good idea.

Get coverage for inflation and changes in policies and regulations that may affect your business.

Choose the quote from the best-rated and -reviewed insurance company that gives you the cheapest rates against an optimum cover.

Maintain total disclosure with your insurance company and agent regarding past events or incidents that might affect your future policy. In other words, be honest and upfront.

Get insurance quotes for the "minimum level of security." The quotes for this level are likely to be higher.

Request that the company or agent send an appraiser for recommending improvements that will lower your premium.

Examine all the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, and inquire about "exclusion" clauses in the policy.

Here's some resources to help .....

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