Thursday, August 11, 2011

How To Leverage Facebook To Grow Sales And Your Market

In my opinion, Facebook is a brilliant tool for networking and growing customer/brand awareness.

One of the key ingredients you'll need to establish a successful following, is persistence. The worst thing any business or company can do, is to create a presence on a social media site like Facebook, put in the early effort of a brilliant profile/product page... and then leave it sitting there. In essence it becomes nothing more than a glorified business card.

If you want to unleash the power of digital social marketing to push your product, then ensure you keep the 'peddle to the metal' and drive your page. Keep your followers entertained... add some personality, alittle humor, and update them on your projects. Offer your Facebook army a discount or extra product/item if they place an order with their username as a reference, better yet, offer them a VIP discount for an add-on purchase (just make sure it doesn’t come across as a ‘would you like fries with that?’ sales pitch – make it a heartfelt, genuine offer to the buyer)... or an 'introduce your friend' incentive.

The ability to profitably drive your business or product/service through Facebook is phenomenal - trick is to keep your information updated and constant. Start putting your FB contact details on the back of business cards and paper media, so curious people can jump online and sign up to your growing network. Maybe sell the concept as a VIP Club... and offer advanced specials or sneak previews of products etc. Give them the incentive and people generally can't help themselves - they have to know what’s going on, especially if they can benefit from being associated in some way.