Friday, March 11, 2011

Why should you set up a Twitter Auto-reply?

An auto-reply is very important, if you are using Twitter to build your business.
Twitter has millions of users. There are a few thousands who would have setup their accounts and would never have used Twitter. There are yet others who have setup few robots to manage their Twitter accounts and then there are the others who are serious users. How will you let your followers know, the category that you fall into? If you seriously want to use Twitter to build relationships then you want to do it right!

An auto-reply can help in many ways:

Setting this up will introduce you to you followers. Some people have thousands and thousands of followers who tweet every day which means they are getting a ton of tweets. There is simply not enough time for people to read them all. Most people will prioritize their followers in order of whose tweets and DMs to read. An introduction and Thank You goes along way to increase the chances of them watching you closer.

Sets the intent that you will be interactive. Your auto-reply is your first interaction with your follower. They are following your for a reason, but is yet to know your worth at Twitter. A well written auto-reply will show you mean business and your follower will know that he is following a person who is interactive and might respond to his tweets and DMs and will in some way form a mutually beneficial relationship.

Thanks your followers: Your followers are your assets. These assets are valuable and behave like a shareholder in a company. The more the shareholders or, shareholdings the more powerful the company. So when a follower chooses to follow you, he is putting his trust behind you. It is a courteous jesture to go ahead and thank him for putting his trust at you and following you. Your auto-reply can serve this purpose, if your write it well.

Prepares the foundation for your business:- The first lesson in sales speaks about preparing your prospects for your sales pitch. If you go out hard selling your product in your first interaction itself, the chances that your follower will acknowledge your tweets is very slim. You will have to prepare your prospects for your sales pitch. Your followers might be your prospective buyers. In some instances they might become the network to reach your prospective buyers. In both these circumstances, you need to prepare your followers to believe in you and your words just like you need to build trust when networking in person. You auto-reply written properly can set a good foundation.

Spend some time on thinking what you auto-reply should be. Then write it down and fine-tune it over a period of time. A good auto-reply can do a world of good to your twitter activities.

Things to Remember:

• Do not start to sell yourself or, your product in your auto-reply itself.
• Avoid promotions or, links especially to free stuffs, because everybody knows there is nothing free in this world.
• Make it just a welcome note (about 30 words) and a brief introduction of your personality (about 100 words.

Setting Up Your Auto Reply
Setting up an auto-reply is extremely simple. All you need is an account with Socialoomph. Sign up for a free account at Socialoomph. Once you have your account set up you can set-up an auto reply very easily.

Go to Social Accounts – Add New and add Your Twitter Account
Go to Direct Messages and then Edit Welcome DM
That is it, a simple step towards better relationships on Twitter!

Happy Tweeting!
Sherry Lynn