Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Would Make The Ideal Business Telephone For You?

It amazes me how many times this question keep popping up, I guess the reason is because still many are not satisfied with what is currently on the market given the advancement in technology and programming methodologies.

The feature list I would like to see, and primarily focused around the practical use is as listed (some are already available but just not in a usable format)......

* Ability to maintain a constant Sync of contacts from both Mobile handset and Desktop PC

* Ability to have contacts stored locally on the system to avoid points of failure, and for quick look-ups

* Tighter integration between smart phones (Apple/Android Based) with the phone system and the Computing environment

* Better remote management access and serviceability of system within a secured environment

* Better GUI management with the ability to designate privileges to allow for end user basic configuration, right through to advance administration

* Better interoperability between systems and carriers

* Better VoIP Trunk management

* Better LCR capabilities with defined rules based system, with easy configuration and management of the LCR table

* Better reporting module with refine data graphing

* Flexible handsets with a reduction in the models and options, basically having two models that either are basic feature sets or advanced feature sets, with an emphasis of removing the wide ranges of handsets

* Better screen technology with desk phones to allow for more user interaction

* In-built Blue tooth pairing capabilities to allow for an end user choice of what headset they want to use

* In-built USB to allow for storage of either phone recordings, music playing, photo storage and viewable on the screen

* Voice Dialing recognition on desk phones

There is probably a truck load more of features/options, but I would then question the usability of them, the above are based on about 10 years as a Telecommunications consultant to every size of business.

Companies like Cisco, Avaya, Shoretel and others try their best to be innovative but fail at the pure and basic understanding at times of what the customer actually wants and needs, they usually have a perception of what the customer wants, but i feel as though the feedback is often either miss-understood, or not properly analyzed.

Here's to hoping that the manufacturers become a little more pro-active in understanding the requirements of the customer and the business they are in when developing their technologies.

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