Monday, March 7, 2011

Social Media Press Kit .... How To Increase Your Sales 100% Over Night

A Social Media Press Kit is a relationship tool and a sales tool. The SMPK has been designed for sales rep's, executive's, Public Relations People, Business Development Director, Musicians, Actors, Sports Teams, Clubs or consultant's to use to highlight themselves and get their very own personal PR.

It’s a real tool. Anyone can access you easily by sending you an email through the SMPK, Skyping you via a Skype call, instant message, or even sending you a text message directly to your mobile phone.

Sales and PR is and always has been about relationships and having connections. The SMPK is the very essence of this.

You can see real time twitter updates, a personal bio, a simple video introduction, or a company video promo. The SMPK has a personal photo slideshow to help make it more personal to display products, photo's of you or an event.

With email signatures getting bigger these days with people adding all of their links to their social media pages as well, they solved that problem by creating an email button that anyone can click on and go right to the Social Media Press Kit.

It’s truly everything you need in one nice and simple package that presents you and your company well and helps develop relationships for new opportunities.

Having one created for yourself is simple, it takes about 3-5 days and can be custom designed to fit your look and feel and have buttons that relate to your needs. They have a simple online questionnaire that provides the content they need and from there they can have it produced.

You get a Social Media Press Kit custom designed for your needs, an email signature button to use, and all of your social media profiles linked to the SMPK neatly designed. Pretty great!

Here are a couple samples of people who use the SMPK ....

Blue Water Group

Richter 10.2

Simply go to Social Media Press Kit to see a video and then sign up.