Friday, October 22, 2010

Have Some Fun to Make Your Small Business Memorable

By Dave Ramacitti

The one overriding goal of your small business’s marketing efforts, especially during a start-up phase, is to be noticed, is to be memorable in the eyes of customers or potential customers. You can achieve being memorable by finding something your customers or potential customers can identify with, an image that you can own. Then you deliver that image --- your marketing message --- in a unique and memorable way, that is, in a way that is different from your competitors.

One way you can present your marketing message in a unique way is use a humorous or quirky approach in your ads and other promotions. Who can forget the hilarious Budweiser lizards, or, more recently, the quirky Quizno’s sponge monkeys?

Never heard of the sponge monkeys? Try Google-ing them… They were certainly memorable and perhaps more than a little annoying --- hmmm, maybe memorable and annoying tend to go together.

This technique is not for everyone, though. As a business you have to be comfortable with what you’re doing. Could you deal with it if people said about your business, “Oh yea, you’re the guys with those weird sponge-monkeys.” Actually, you should be happy if they’re saying that, because it means you’re being remembered over your competitors.

Humor is a great way to be really exceptional if you can pull it off. Think about it: Don’t most businesses tend to take themselves way too seriously? If you are the one who doesn’t take yourself too seriously, you could truly standout.

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