Friday, October 9, 2009

The Fractional Marketing Department .... Help For Small Business Marketing Efforts

Today's small- to medium-sized business owner is slammed from all sides: The economy is in the tank, banks are not lending, customers are drying up, it's harder to get good peole to do their jobs. Running their business has become all they do.

Most understand the need for marketing, but it isn't a priority. Most would agree they could benefit from having a marketing manager running the marketing for their company, brands and products, but who has the cash flow to support them?

The answer may be in a new concept developed last year: The Fractional Marketing Department. Based on the concept first used by NetJets, the idea is this ..... The small businessman can't afford a full-time marketing manager, but they can afford a piece of one. Like NetJets spreads the cost of ownership of corporate jets among many buyers, this new company does the same for the cost of marketing talent.

The key is to actually take on the responsibility of managing the marketing plan for the company, not just consulting with the owner. The second part is to have a network of resources you can call on at the appropriate time to do the job that needs done. Need a new website? Got a website designer. The difference is that TFMD actually manages the design proejct for the small business owner. You pay the designer for the work done, but only for the work done. You know in advance what your website will look like, and what it will cost to produce it, so you can control your expenses. Having TFMD manage the project means you can spend more time doing what you does best: Running your business.

TFMD works on a project by project basis on most things, though they can also be put on a retainer to handle the day to day marketing needs of the client, such as maintaining website content, managing advertising placement and media buys, writing and distributing press releases, etc. They often tell their clients and prospects that their company is like a maid service for marketing. They only come in once or twice a month, but when they do, they make sure what needs to be done to promote the company's brands and products is being handled. They're also there when there's special jobs that need to be done, like a fall or Christmas campaign, or adding functionality to the website.

For more information go to: DMZ Marketing Network