Monday, October 19, 2009

News For Business Women ..... Women of Today Goes Global!

Women of Today Inc., a professional group for women in business that focuses on supporting their members market their business has just announced they are now open to International members.

Women of Today was started by Sherry Simoes in 2005 in her small town of 1900 people as an attempt to connect the local business women. It went over so well that word spread and they quickly grew to 5 area chapters and over 100 local members.

Marketing comes natural to Sherry and it is her passion to help women connect and grow in business. She also started Women of Today Magazine, co-op magazines (online and in print) as one way to give the members a professional and affordable way to promote their businesses.

The group offers marketing support, co-op advertising, educational workshops and tools and resources to help the members succeed in their marketing efforts.

Now women across the globe can enjoy the same benefits as the members who join a physical chapter. Although currently the majority of the members are Canadian, women are beginning to join form the Us and the other areas across the globe.

Sherry has experienced the power of networking globally and feels that it is a valuable aspect that has been added. She has plans to guide the members through the process so they can learn the art of social networking.

Women of Today also coaches the international members on how to start a networking group in their area and has a system set up for success. The first group will be getting started in California very soon.

They have just implemented a 30 day free trial so you can experience what they have to offer. You can start your free trial today at Women Of Today Inc.