Friday, October 16, 2009

Open Source Software Applications For Small Business

For small business, business process and access to information is critical. The ability to respond to a customer and solve their problem in a timely professional matter is why they're in business.

I am writing with regards to the technology of today that will enable a small business to do just that. I want to make you aware of open source software applications and why it should be what all businesses small and large should be migrating to.

Open source application's code is available to the entire community and are free to all users, "bugs" are identified and corrected by the community of users, enhancements can be made by anyone in the community and then returned to the community for everyone's use. The codes is never "not supported" anymore by the MFG (such as a Microsoft) requiring you to purchase a new version of it. And best of all, it is free to all users.

A small business needs an IT infrastructure, but normally does not have the resources to procure this need, such as an SAP, Oracle or other ERP solution. Which again, versions can be deemed no longer supported and code cannot be changed or updated by the users, only the MFG of the software.

One resource small business owners should take advantage of are the folks at CyberOptic Group who are business partners of OpenBravo, an open source ERP software application. CyOp provides enterprise-class commerce solutions to small to mid-sized businesses featuring: NO Capital Expenses, NO Licensing Fees, NO Technical Administrator Needed, NO Proprietary Vendor "Lock-In', Multi-Platform Web-Based Architecture, Highly Secure & Fault Tolerant Infrastructure & Rapid Deployment.

CyOp also provides a free business process assessment of how the small business processes their information and gives them advice of streamlining and integrating a fully automated system, enabling them to reduce costs, improve productivity thereby increasing revenue.

CyOp offers their service to help you drive your client's business into the future .... and would be happy to do a conference call with their technical staff to discuss this new technology with you. In these economic times, we need to change the way we do business and understand the future of technology.

For more information go to: CyOp