Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't Just Advertise...PR Optimize.

Lamar Morgan of CDMM - Synergistic Business Marketing can take any size display ad bigger than a business card and turn it into a mini marketing campaign...for just double the price of the display ad. (That cost includes posting your ad in any publication for you.)

How is that possible? Answer: PR optimization. Lamar can link your display ad to an SMR (Social Media Press Release) that gets promoted through numerous social media resources - including Twitter, Facebook, and Squidoo, among others. With this effort viewership tracking is included. Plus, this online innovation makes it possible for the public to subscribe to future press releases concerning your business.

Want to see some SMR's? Just click My SMR's. Believe it or not, every display ad you run could easily become its own Social Media Release link.

Also, if you have ever needed to get an answer to an important question in a hurry, but did not know who to ask, I encourage to ask Aardvark. Here is a way to get answers to important questions from REAL PEOPLE around the world, usually in just FIVE MINUTES. Check it out at Aardvark

Remember, don't just advertise. Create more "buzz" for your business. PR optimize.