Sunday, March 11, 2012

Update - team building tool

Thank you for your patience as we've been preparing and updating the course. We are excited to announce that since technology entrepreneurship is a team-based activity, we've built a team-building tool to help enable team formation.

If you use a supported browser, you can view Youtube videos via the YouTube HTML5 Video Player, which may be more accessible for keyboard and assistive technology users.

[Transcription for download]
A version at dotSub for transcription/translation help:

When you sign in at, we're asking that you enter some basic information such as location, age, and industry so that we can suggest teammates for the course project. If you have your own team already of 3-4 people, that's great, you'll be able to enter those teammates into the site. For those who do not have a team or are looking to add teammates, we can assist you with finding others who are in a similar geographic location and interested in a similar industry sector. We are asking that you sign in (preferably using your Google gmail) and complete this before the end of the day March 18th, midnight PST. The course will launch soon, so we wanted to get started in the next few weeks to help you build teams and brainstorm initial ideas for your startup projects. We will send out the teammate suggested matches in a few weeks time.

Later on, you can use to post your ideas for the class startup project, your interim reports, and the final project. You will be also able to see and comment on other teams work. We will ask a group of area experts and experienced entrepreneurs to help and mentor a select group of projects. 

This gives a chance for thousands of people around the world to form groups, come up with new ideas, and collaborate to implement it. We are very excited about the possibilities for a model of online education that provides tools for students to collaborate and learn from one another as well as the instructor.

The course overview video can be seen here