Thursday, January 26, 2012

What To Ask Before Using Apple Products For Your Small Business

Some of the recurring questions I've seen others (and occasionally myself) ask over the years....

- Which contact management software should we use and how do we use it?

- Which project/task management software is best and how do we use it?

- Which email/scheduling software works best with MS Exchange and other PC users?

- How do we/share sync calendars, documents, etc. between iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC?

- How well does Parallels or VMWare Fusion work for our needs and should we use it?

- What are the differences between MS Office for Mac and MS Office for PC?

- What are the differences between Apple iWork and MS Office for PC? Compatible?

- What software should we use to create our newsletter and other in-house marketing collateral?

- How can we ensure a smooth transition from Windows to Mac?

- How much "horsepower" (hardware) do we need to buy?

- How do we integrate all our software with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac)?

- Will Apple Safari work with our corporate intranet?

As I'm sure you realize, you'll get a variety of answers depending on the industry a user is in.