Monday, January 30, 2012

The Most Important Values Driving Your Small Business

The most important part of your business should not be money, but your clients. If you get your client relationships right, the money will flow.

Here are my Guiding Principles:

I am professional in everything I do.
I value teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect.

I will only engage with clients where I believe that I can add genuine value to their enterprise.

I am honest and open in all dealings and value long-term, trusting business relationships over short-term financial results.

The values most important to me are that my fees are reasonable (yes, I value my expertise and must also feel well compensated), that my service is exemplary, that my clients feel valued, supported and confident in my abilities, that I continue learning and providing my clients with the very best techniques and strategies, and that all my business is conducted in an honourable manner.

I choose these values as they reflect my personal values, and I would not conduct my business in any other manner. I am my business, and won't put my name in jeopardy. I also choose colleagues who are similar in their approach and often refer clients whose deadlines I cannot meet to these colleagues. It's the only way to work!

Who ever you are the most important values for your business should be ones that you as an individual will be happy to live up to. People buy people - so it's right saying "integrity" matters - this to me is not so much a value in its own right but the act of truly living your priority values.

I don't believe there is any such thing as a common set of "correct values" - any values can be perfect for any business as long as they are authentic.