Thursday, April 21, 2011

Small Business Tip ..... Critical Steps In Setting Up A Conference Call

The following are 10 indispensable steps for coordinating a conference call .....

1. Select an opportune date and time and be certain that the concerned participants are well informed.

2. Supervise your calls by contacting your service provider and ensuring your subscription is paid.

3. The toll free number and pin number must be given to all participants beforehand.

4. To avoid confusion, book a time slot.

5. On the date of the meeting, participants have to phone the toll free number and have to enter the pin number. Immediately after performing the said procedure, the conference can now take place.

6. The host of the call is the person who has paid the subscription and who directs the conference. And if he/she terminates the call, the conference ends; if not, the call continues.

7. In order to share data or illustrations, you need to establish the call as a web conference.

8. Constantly monitor call quality so you can provide feedback to the provider later if needed, and to participants during the call if necessary.

9. Keep in mind that nearly all conference providers charge you per minute, and the billing cycle takes about 30 days.

10. Investigate reviews about the dependability of service, and whether the service provider makes use of digital lines before registering. Choose wisely ahead of time as it's too late once the call starts.

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