Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Accepted "Expert Opinion" - Help or Hinderance in Life or Business? Whats Your Opinion?

We were given the power of reasoning so we could think. That affirmation in the age of the enlightenment of 1640 thru about 1790 was the enabling belief that allowed for us humans to use thinking and reasoning, not just the church and the bible to try and comprehend our world, its rules and make it better.

You know, Newton, Jefferson, Franklin-those folks.

They believed deeply in God but extended that to mean we have reasoning and thinking powers granted to us by God for a reason:

perfecting and improving our earthly lives in the here and now, not the here after.

If those folks had accepted the "proven" expert wisdom that God had a fate for all of us and God's will was behind everything us humans faced, there would be

* No democracy

* No modern science

* No medical breakthroughs

* No inventions

* No scientific method of inquiry and discovery

* No understanding of the laws of nature

* No social Darwinism

..... and who knows what else.

These astounding concepts were and are today all results of folks questioning the "expert" wisdom and instead, using their reasoning and thinking powers, seeking the "why" of something so they could understand it, manage it and improve or undo its impact on our lives.

Problem is many folks do not trust their ability to evaluate what they hear and know and apply it v the actual issues in front of them.

The expert "rules' are now once again, being challenged and dethroned because of our new world of on line everything as a resource. Its baffling to many and the  experts themselves have not yet figured it all out, espescially as a business tool.

Please comment on the ideas about using your own powers of reasoning and thinking and not the "experts" to meet the challenge that our on line world throws at our business side of life.

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